NITC helps you assess and reduce risk by choosing and implementing network security solutions that protect your key enterprise assets

Our Approach to Security 

  • Information Security Services
    • Vulnerability Assessment
    • Penetration Testing
    • Risk Assessment
    • Forensics Investigation
    • Incident Handling
    • Advisory Email & Notifications (Free)
    • Configuration Review
  • Security Operation Center Services Services
    • Planning and Building SOC
    • SOC Policy, Procedure and solutions Audit, Development & Implementation  
    • SOC Operation
    • Tier-1, Tier-2 Security Analyst
    • Incident Handling and Investigation
  • Threat Intelligence Service
    • Proactive Security approach
    • Transform the huge amount of data into actionable information
    • Situation awareness
    • Proactive approach to prevent and detect incidents
  • Security Awareness Program
  • Compliance & Auditing 

Today’s enterprise faces multiple challenges, innovation in a competitive market, the pressure to show return on investment, securing the enterprise against new and evolving threats,
as well as addressing dynamic regulatory and compliance challenges.

The traditional method of securing the network is still required but with data being the most crucial asset for any enterprise, the security model needs to evolve and change.

Driving many of these changes are four key areas: regulatory compliance, threat management, data loss protection and virtualization. Our clients are focusing on these areas to drive their business to perform better financially, save cost and fully utilize the promise of new computing platforms