“Your employees should be introduced to such a work style to be as mobile and seamless as their lifestyle”

Mobility Innovations

“Your employees should be introduced to such a work style to be as mobile and seamless as their lifestyle” this statement is part of NITC vision towards transforming the IT and work culture. Mobility in fact facilitates working and enables ones to work with freedom that eventually leads to more productivity.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a large or midsized company or even a service provider, we can help you design and implement the mobility strategy and solutions that make your organization more efficient, collaborative, and responsive. That does not only improve your current revenue, but also opens up new streams and give you measurable results with ease and freedom. 

NITC introduces Enterprise Mobility solutions to help your workers be fully productive, efficient and mobile without compromising security, productivity and seriousness on achieving your organization’s goals. Your organization will connect with customers on a more than personal level with Connected Mobile Experiences and get a personal touch with their needs and problems.


More Productive Employees: Mobile Workspace
We encourage your employees to be more productive and collaborative. No matter where they are. No matter which device they’re on. Giving them secure remote access to your applications, data and communications.
NITC offers and connects your organization to the latest technologies such as:

  • BYOD Smart Solution offers highly secure access to your network on any mobile device. It brings together our WLAN, security, and network policy technologies. It works with our partners’ mobile device management (MDM) software. It comes in two options: on-site or cloud-managed.
  • Mobile Collaboration offers efficient and effective collaboration outside the office. Native mobile applications extend our Unified Communications, instant messaging and web and video conferencing to any mobile device. Laptop, tablet or smartphone, you’ll get the same experience.


More Engaged Customers: Connected Mobile Experiences

Use mobile technologies and Wi-Fi location services to give your visitors a more personal and convenient experience. Help them make more informed choices. Give them the right information at the right time, on innovative, context-aware mobile apps. Understand them better by using Wi-Fi location-based analytics. Earn their satisfaction and loyalty. And ultimately, promote more sales.